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EDI returns to KidZania to promote road safety |

EDI returns to KidZania to promote road safety

Emirates Driving Institute (EDI) launched its all new driving track and licensing unit at KidZania (KZ), Dubai Mall, on December 12, 2017.

The launch, which was attended by the management of EDI & KZ, was kicked off with a small dance performance by the KZ team.

In this new term, children will be able to learn basics of being safe on the road in a new fun way.

As per the new system, a child will first visit the licensing unit wherein he would be required to give a small test using the touchpads installed inside. With a help of a brief Q&A, children will be taught basic safe driving rules before obtaining their first driver’s license.

After clearing the test, he would be awarded his driving license which can later be used to drive a car on the KidZania racing track.

“Through KidZania, EDI’s mission is to help children in understanding that there is a process involved in being allowed to drive on the roads. It requires time and efforts to obtain knowledge and skill before enjoying the freedom of owning a car and driving it anywhere a car will take you,” said Fatima Raees, Director Marketing and Customer Service – EDI.

More information on timings and entry fees is available on KidZania’s website.


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